Higher taxes destroying small businesses

Higher taxes destroying small businesses. http://ow.ly/yagx30faFlQ

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E-cigarette science – is scaremongering

E-cigarette science – is scaremongering hampering research opportunities? | Science | The Guardian http://ow.ly/hmL930f8eUu #prosmoke #ecig

North Royalton bans e-cigarettes on all

North Royalton bans e-cigarettes on all city-owned properties | cleveland.com http://ow.ly/gx0F30eWpZX

More misinformed policies being enacted.

More misinformed policies being enacted…Lake County committees back minimum age for purchasing cigarettes to 21 – http://ow.ly/W5No30eSdsG

More Evidence Suggests E-Cigarettes Help

More Evidence Suggests E-Cigarettes Help Some Smokers Quit http://ow.ly/jiii30ePFU6

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Cutting nicotine in cigarettes is an int

Cutting nicotine in cigarettes is an intriguing idea http://ow.ly/DYc930eM6pw

Join ProSmoke and other businesses givin

Join ProSmoke and other businesses giving to #Harvey for charity relief. http://ow.ly/J59W30eLEEe

E-cigarette teen warnings unfounded, say

E-cigarette teen warnings unfounded, says Public Health England http://ow.ly/vfUD30eLDBZ